Motherfucking Popcorn: Part II

Additional Materials

  • Plastic Sheeting ($20)
  • Shop Light ($35)
  • Shop Vac ($100)
  • Total Additional Project Cost ($155)
  • Net Project Cost ($290)

Estimated Project Time: 2.5 hours per room

Actual Project Time: 3.0 hours per room

So tonight was round two of my great experiment in ceiling scraping. I decided to opt for a few additional supplies, specifically: a shop vac, a shop light, and some additional plastic sheets (re-using the stuff is not really a good option, and for $20, not worth it). Although I’m factoring in a lot of these things into the cost of this particular project, I figure I’ll be doing a lot of work at night, and in an old house full of shit that needs to be demolished, doing a considerable amount of shop-vac’ing.

Worth its weight in gold

I decided to opt for a little bit of extra prep time this go around, and quickly discovered that my rough calculations of the area of the living room were off by about 100%. Yes, I am an engineer, and I design roads and bridges, so think about that next time you cross one (spoiler alert: you’re fucked). Originally, I suspected that the living room was about the same size as the master bedroom, which came in at about 300 sq. ft. It was only when I started to hang up the plastic sheeting on the walls, that I discovered the need for an additional THREE rolls, compared to the previous night. Luckily, I make up for shoddy workmanship and calculations by planning ahead, and I bought a few extra sheets, should the need arise. By my rough (shitty) calculations, I figure the living room (and dining room/office) are about 500-550 sq. ft, or about double the size of the master bedroom. After hanging up five sheets of 20′ x 10′ plastic sheeting, spending a little more time to carefully seal it up above window height, the festivities began.

Pre-scrape living room
Pre-scrape dining room/office

Although I spent an additional 30-40 minutes of prep work, the total amount of time (per square ft.) was much less tonight that it was last night. After about half of the master bedroom, my technique was pretty good, and tonight that fucking popcorn came down like the goddamn Hindenburg. I moved through the room at a pretty good clip, taking time to remove vents and fixtures while the vinegar cocktail soaked into the next area. I had originally hoped to take down the ceiling fan before scraping the living room, but I’ve never removed a flush-mounted ceiling fan before, and this one was being a real sonofabitch.

Interesting to note is that good prep-work can be completely shit on by careless clean up, as in my exhausted haste to get out of there, I ripped some of the plastic sheeting and the popcorn got its revenge all over my hardwood. Luckily, Mr. Shop-vac played the role of surrogate mother, and cleaned up my mess for me.

1 Mil plastic sheeting is thinner than a cheap toupee

I had originally hoped to have some time to spackle both ceilings tonight, in preparation for texture and paint over the next couple of days, but the increased square footage of the living room, and cleaning up in both places left me kind of exhausted. I did end up hitting the disgusting carpet with the shop vac, and scraping a good 2-3 years worth of dog out of it (which only leaves 5 years of dog left, I’m thinking fire might help).

The carpets are being cleaned tomorrow, including an enzymatic treatment for pet odors, specifically cat and dog piss (yeah it’s fucking disgusting). Hopefully, the deep cleaning can buy me another year or two before I have to replace those things, as the budget is a little bit tight right now. Either way, I accomplished my original goal of having both ceilings scraped and cleaned up before the carpet cleaning, and eventually the move on Saturday.

With only two working nights left before the move, my next plan is to figure out the best way to put up texture and paint in a short window of time. I had been looking into roll-on textured paint, which could hopefully make the place look decent until I have time to put a proper coat of finish paint up, likely when I paint the walls.

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Remember, dogs don’t kill houses… lazy fucking dog owners kill houses. 

The finished product, much smoother than last night.