The Home Inspection

High Importance

  • ELECTRICAL – Install a proper shield on the electrical panel
  • ELECTRICAL – Replace old electrical outlets with GFCI protected ones
  • ELECTRICAL – Replace missing covers on electrical outlets as needed
  • PLUMBING – Repair the pressure release valve on the water heater
  • PLUMBING – Address leaking hose bib on right side of home
  • PLUMBING – Re-fit the upstairs bathroom sink drainpipes to create a proper seal
  • PLUMBING – Repair leaking drainpipe on master bathroom sink
  • HVAC – Repair the air distribution plenum box to prevent leaks
  • PEST REMOVAL – Clear bird nesting debris out of attic and seal any openings
  • EXTERIOR – Install “kickout” flashing to divert water from right side of living room window, repair wall, window and trim as necessary
  • INTERIOR – Install a brace or repair water heater decking to correct sag

Medium Importance

  • EXTERIOR – Seal all areas of exterior of home, specifically: pipe penetration openings, seams in trim and siding, around window frames and any bare wood
  • EXTERIOR – Reinstall fireplace air vent cover
  • EXTERIOR – Right side living room window does not properly seal, repair
  • EXTERIOR – Power wash exterior siding
  • ATTIC – Fire-seal chimney inside attic (install insulation)
  • ATTIC – Replace missing junction box covers above garage
  • ATTIC – Redistribute attic insulation to improve energy efficiency
  • WATER HEATER – Secure water heater draft hood to the water heater and vent pipe
  • WATER HEATER – Install a drain pan under the water heater
  • FLOOR – Secure floor decking on second story to fix loose/noisy panels
  • GARAGE – Weather-strip bottom of door to the garage and replace springs
  • PATIO – Install joist hangers on deck roof
  • HVAC – Clean a/c exterior condensing coils
  • KITCHEN – Replace missing knob on stove burner
  • INTERIOR – Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in all modern location requirements

Low Importance

  • EXTERIOR – Repair hose bib handle on left side of home
  • EXTERIOR – Install anti-siphon backflow valves on exterior hose-bibs
  • EXTERIOR – Replace drainpipe cleanout cover on the left side of the home
  • GARAGE – Seal open duct in garage to bring up to code
  • GARAGE – Replace broken/sagging ceiling panel in garage
  • GARAGE – Buy a new garage door opener, and check installation procedures
  • PATIO – Replace water-damaged ceiling panel
  • PATIO – Replace ceiling fan, potentially with two units instead of one
  • INTERIOR – Install sheetrock ceiling above furnace closet