Bro, do you even accent wall?

I was originally going to hold off on painting the living room until I had a chance to bounce a few color ideas off of some friends. Unfortunately, I was born without any of that shit that let’s you not do stuff immediately, I think it’s called patience. So in my quest for instant gratification, I decided to stop by the ol’ Home Depot today to pick up a silvery grey (Behr Offbeat) for the main living room walls, and a silvery blue (Behr Glass Mosaic) for the fireplace/accent wall. Side-note, who the fuck comes up with paint color names anyway? I have a bunch of samples with names like Hipsertfication, Film Fest, and Desert Breeze. If you would have guessed that hipsterfication was a rust-tinged red, and Film Fest was a dark smokey grey, then you’re smarter than me because dark smokey grey seems like a way better name, BUT I DIGRESS.

The living room before painting, with a bunch of random samples smeared on the wall.

Also of note, I bought a really nice couch. It’s filled with goose down feathers, because I hate geese and love comfortable furniture. That’s what we call a two-fer. ANYWAY, I only painted half of the living room today. Specifically, the wall behind the couch (left of above picture) and the fireplace wall. I am pretty pleased with the way that OFFBEAT (silvery grey) turned out, and I think I’ll paint the rest of the main area walls and hallways with that color. I also sanded and painted all of the trim and baseboards in a hi-gloss pure white. Which really makes that shit pop.

Left side of living room, post paint.

It’s a bit hard to tell from the night-time pictures from my shitty cell phone, but the silvery grey turned out really nice. The blue is a little bit intense right now, but once I put some pictures up on the wall, it should have a really nice feel to it. All-in-all I’m pretty pleased with how everything turned out.

Also an interesting note, at this point I have tried many different methods for getting clean paint lines, including: painter’s tape lines, ceiling edge tools, spray shields, and free-hand edging with a short handled angle brush. I have found that I can get a straighter edge on the walls, trim and ceilings free-hand, than with any of these gimmicky other tools. Especially as I get more practice, I don’t even see a point in taping anymore, since I can just do the edges by hand after the fact and have better results.

I also finished painting the master bedroom a few days ago, and moved all of my furniture in. It’s really nice to have a proper bedroom once again, and the dark smokey grey (excuse me, FILM FEST), turned out really nice, especially given the contrast with my bedroom furniture. I also installed a new ceiling fan, which doesn’t look and sound like it’s from 1984.


I did have a nice bed at one point, which I broke, and then fixed, and broke once more. So I am currently just rocking the box-spring and mattress on the floor action. One of these days I’ll pick up a cheap frame and headboard off of Craigslist or something, but again it’s not a high priority right now.

Bonus update, I replaced this empty junction box (j-box) in the middle of the ceiling that the previous owner thought was perfect just the way it was. I thought it would be nice to have a hallway light. They make LED recessed lights that retrofit onto everything nowadays. They’re really slick!

It came like this, I’m sure.
J-box mounted LED

That’s it for now, I’ll probably finish the other half of the living room and maybe a bathroom or two this weekend. DON’T ACT LIKE YOU’RE NOT IMPRESSED.